I often get asked the question: Do you ever perform for Charity Functions? Not only is the answer YES, but they are some of my absolute favorite events!

Every event is a special event for Team Spags, but there is something extra special about playing for a cause. I’ve had the opportunity to perform for countless charity functions over the years, from strolling cocktail music, during a silent auction, to fully produced stage shows, during a formal gala. Each and every one of them touches my heart and brings me joy in a way that nothing else does. I love learning about the various organizations, how they got started, who they’re helping, and all of the good that’s going on out there in the world (that often times we don’t ever know about). I love hearing the stories of the lives that are being impacted by these organizations. And more than anything, I love collaborating with these clients to bring a truly meaningful contribution to their event.

Obviously, I’m a little bit partial to the powers of music ☺️, but I think that most people will agree, music and emotion go hand in hand and together, we have the power to make a difference!

Some of the organizations that I’ve had the honor of working with over the years are listed below. For more information on these organizations, what they do, and how you can get involved, simply click and visit their websites!

This year, I challenge us all to give back to our communities, be kind to our earth, and make conscious choices in our day to day living. Together, we can positively impact our world. 🌎