Electric Violinist

Strolling Entertainment For Your Event!

Spags will float amongst your guests, playing her signature, violin versions of instrumental pop tunes.  Her performance is ethereal yet engaging, allowing guests to converse effortlessly while taking in the sounds of their favorite songs.  

This type of atmospheric music is not performed on a stage, but rather in a strolling fashion.  Speakers are positioned in a surround sound style, which enables Spags to work her way throughout the entire space, creating an interactive experience for your guests.

Create an even more elevated experience with the addition of her strolling sax player, strolling hand drum artist, and strolling dancers!

For guests counts larger than 300, Spags recommends, small go-go box style platforms to be positioned in various spots around the space, allowing her to pop up from time to time, for better visibility.  

While attire can range from theatrical to conservative, depending on the the theme and style of your event, you can be sure that it will always reflect Spags’ signature style of edgy sophistication.