The Spags Music Saxophone Feature

One of my absolute favorite additions to any Spags Music Event, is the Saxophone!  I’ve been performing with sax players for over 20 years now, and they are my favorite musicians with whom to collaborate.  The textures and tones, created from the violin/sax combination, are so rich and euphonious.  It truly can take the music to a whole new level!

I also love the Saxophone/DJ combo for dance party music and even for atmospheric music.  On the dance floor, the sax can really light it up, creating elevated, high energy, moments!  On the atmospheric side of things, the sax can really set the tone for a cool and vibey cocktail hour, while strolling throughout the event space.

If you know me, you know how particular I am about the performers that I bring to my team.  Every performer is a direct reflection of the Spags Music brand, and It’s safe to say that they are all true pros in every way!

As always, I love to hear about each one of your individual events, discover your vision, and contribute my best ideas on how to utilize our performers.  There are so many creative ways to integrate our sax players into events of all shapes and sizes, providing unique and engaging experiences for your guests!

Best for Atmospheric Entertainment, Cocktail Receptions, and Dinner Music:

Solo Sax with Tracks
Sax + Violin with Tracks
Sax + DJ
Sax + Violin + DJ

Best for Dance Parties:

Sax + DJ
Sax + Violin + DJ
Sax + Violin + Drums + DJ

Check out some videos and photos of the Spags Music sax players in action!