Congratulations to Paige & Lawrence on their recent engagement!  I must say, if you’re thinking about proposing during a pandemic, this is the way to do it!  Set at their Malibu, California home, with views of both the mountains and the ocean, it was the absolute perfect place to pop the question!  This intimate affair, with a total guest count of three (five if we count the fur babies), was one filled with smiles, laughter, and pure joy.

Flowers adorned the pool and fairy lights dazzled in the backyard, while the 3 guests sipped cocktails, nibbled on hors d’oeuvres, and enjoyed a bit of live music (by yours truly). ☺🎻  Off in the distance, Coldplay’s “Paradise” and “Something Just Like This” were flowing out of my violin, and when the timing was just right, Lawrence got down on one knee, for his much anticipated proposal.  And you guessed it…she said YES!  And just like that, the words “SHE SAID YES” were revealed in big marquee lights, right there in the backyard, adding THE perfect punctuation to this momentous moment.  Leave it to Korie of Bliss Events to think up these bright ideas! 💡👏

*Spags Note:  Always trust your judgement and adapt to your environment.  Having a plan is important, however, having the ability to stray from your plan is essential!  If you feel that you can create a better experience, in the moment, by adjusting your plan, you should always do so.  Typically, when performing for cocktails or dinner, I stroll throughout the space, creating an interactive experience for the guests.  In this case, I opted for something different.  Once I was able to set foot on the Malibu home property, and receive a quick overview of the days’ events from Korie, I made the decision to perform seated, on a stool, off to the side.  I wanted to remain present, but more importantly, I wanted to remain in the background, as not to overshadow or overpower this intimate moment.  Knowing your audience, and understanding your role, is crucial to executing the perfect style of performance!

After the proposal, the festivities continued with champagne, and wet smooches from the pups, before they all headed inside for a celebratory meal, prepared by a renowned private chef.  Keeping up with social distancing practices, I found a cozy spot next to the fire pit, just outside of the dining room windows, and played my dinner set from there.  With the oversized windows open, the music flowed effortlessly from the outside, where I was performing, to the inside, where the guests were dining.  After dinner, we all gathered around the fire pit for a night cap and a bit more live music, before calling it a night.

*Spags Note:  The electric violin has the ability to create dynamic and edgy experiences, as well as relaxing and chill experiences.  I usually curate my cocktail music to be a bit more on the dynamic side, and my dinner music to be a bit more on the relaxing side.
Biggest thank you to Korie of Bliss Events for calling on me for this fabulous and fun affair!  What an honor it is to be able to share in such life changing moments.  This day was yet another reminder of why I love what I do.

Paige & Lawrence, I wish you all the best!
Until next time…

Creative Team:
*Planning by Korie Younger
*Photos captured flawlessly by Jessica Van
*Marquee Lights by My Marquee SD
*Lighting by SD Social Lights
*Electric Violin by Spags Music