OCT 19th 2019

If you’ve ever considered tying the knot on a farm, I say go for it!  I just returned home from Howard County, Maryland where I spent the entire day, at the Salandra Family Farm, entertaining guests for Taylor & Steve’s wedding.  Jennifer Stiebel , owner of SOCO Events, pulled me into the mix to play my electric violin, for this rustic, chic, black-tie affair, and for that, I am so grateful!  Jen is one of the most highly regarded event planners in the DC/Maryland area, and when she calls upon you for one of her events, you just know that you’re about to be a part of something special!

First of all, there is something so breathtaking about having a wedding on a farm.  The rolling hills, the green pastures, the horses, the chickens, and let’s not forget the family dog, who roamed throughout the entire event, all day and night, lapping up scraps of what I imagine to be the best food he’s ever tasted!

Anyway, let’s talk about having a wedding on a farm.  There are so many pros to having a wedding at a private space, such as a farm.  No curfews, no multiple weddings happening at the same time, no random onlookers!  It’s a private affair, which makes it feel more intimate and special.  It does come with some logistical challenges, such as access to power and access to restrooms.  Be prepared to order up the generators for events like this, as there are typically not power sources out in the middle of a field!  And most likely, you’ll need to order those fancy trailer restrooms in order to accommodate your many guests.  For your vendors, who are coming in to transform the space into something out of a fairytale, let’s just say that getting around on property and working within the often uneven terrain is usually not the easiest.  But trust me, it’s worth the added logistical steps to enable you and your guests to experience the pure beauty and magnificence of such a setting.  In my experience, the most epic event spaces, come with the most challenges, but if you hire true professionals, they will navigate it with ease and grace!

Now, let’s get to the ceremony.  As guests entered the space, they were greeted with a glass of champagne and my signature  “classical twist” music.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, these are my classical renditions of pop tunes.  Light, airy, and elegant, this style of music is perfect for welcoming your guests to the ceremony.

 *Spags Note – one thing that I really appreciate about Jen is that she understands that importance of holding guests until the ceremony space is set and ready.  It’s a pet peeve of mine, when guests are just walking into the space while vendors are still arranging flowers and sound checking.  The entire day should be thought of as a performance.  You wouldn’t walk into a concert hall while the orchestra is still rehearsing.  It kills the moment.  You want that very first guest who enters the space, to experience something unique and special.  We are setting the tone for the entire day.  If you do have early arrivals, it’s okay to rope off the entrance or direct them to a nearby seating area, until the space is officially open.*  

Okay, back to the ceremony…guests were given ample time to sip their champagne and mingle until ultimately settling into their seats for the main event.  For the wedding party processional and bridal processional, they opted for my “traditional classical” versions of Canon in D and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.  Aside from the undeniably stunning bride, the flower girl, rolling up in her little white wagon, might just have stole the show.  #Adorable


Once the Wedding Party and the Bride made it down the aisle, and the ceremony vows were underway, I discreetly snuck away to re-costume and re-set myself for the cocktail hour.  If traditional, rustic, glam is a thing, then that’s what this was!  Plush settees and farmhouse cocktail tables adorned with flowers, filled the grassy space, while off in the distance, horses were grazing in the pasture.  They even decked out the stables with lanterns and chandeliers, turning each stable into a mini cocktail station.  Jen, of SOCO Events, had a big white wooden stage constructed for me, and from there, I played my upbeat violin versions of pop tunes, while guests sipped and mingled, with the sun setting behind me.  I was, told by many of the guests, that it was such a surreal and etherial moment.


Before long, guests were ushered up into the main house where they continued the celebration with food, a live band, and even a late-night afterparty!


But don’t take my word for it.  This day was captured, FLAWLESSLY, by Duke Images and Serio Visuals.   

Watch their EPIC wedding video HERE!  It’s truly a must see!


Until the next one…