along with a DJ to popular songs.  “People just want to see me having a good time!” said Jennifer “Spags” Spingola, electric violinist.
“I always had to have everything polished and I was always a perfectionist and never wanted to play anything if it wasn’t rehearsed a million times,” said Spags.  But in the live club scene, rehearsing isn’t an option.  She improvises all of her performances by listening to the music and feeling the mood of the crowd.  “I learned you just need to play some notes and you’ll figure out what works in 5 seconds and then just rock it.”
Playing solo hasn’t been something Spags has always done.  It started about a year ago when she was playing for a San Diego Dave Matthews Tribute Band. She had been with the band for a couple years and was starting to feel like she could do more with her career.  One night, her decision became a bit easier. Her violin was stolen at one of the shows.  She says she hit “rock bottom” because she had lost her main source of income—her violin

Quickly, her mentality changed and events kept turning up for her from clubs to corporate events. Today, she plays all over the world but the majority of her gigs are still here in San Diego.  “The people here have embraced what I do. I’m doing what I know how to do and I’m just happy that people like it.”

Spags is currently recording her own music. She hopes to one day have her own show featuring her music and dancers.

For more information, check out her website.                       
Elena Gomez – NBC San Diego